World Computing Conference Archive

World Computing Conference Archive of 2009

This archive provides a historical reference of the technology and computing conferences held throughout the world during 2009.

Every year, thousands of conferences are held around the globe in a range of industries and covering a wide variety of topics. This archive provides a snapshot of one small section of those conferences held in a single year - 2009.

If you would like to add a conference that we missed please contact us. Thank you for your time and enjoy your trip into the World Computing Conference Archive of 2009.

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2009 was a record year for computer conferences, with major international events being held around the world. One of the key topics was cloud computing, which was highlighted by the International Conference on Cloud Computing titled "Change We Can Lead." The goal of the conference was to share resources between consumers, partners, and vendors and provide an international forum for research and implementation. Read More

The impact of computing on Business was core to many of the events, with the European Conference on Complex Systems in the UK bringing experts together to discuss how a new technology can influence cities and global markets. Topics covered by speakers included populations and environment, complexity and computer science, and collective human behaviour. Read more