2009 Computing & Technology Conferences Held in Asia

ICANN 2009 International Conference on Advance Nanomaterials and Nontechnology
Guwahati, India
December 9 - 11, 2009
A. K. Sood, Indian Institute of Science
Arun K. Bhunia, Perdue University, USA
A. Yusman Sen, Penn State unisersity, USA
Michelle Y. Simmon, University of New South Wales, Australia
The goal of the conference was to cultivate a partnership among academics and businesses so they can use the latest research in nanoscience. Particiapnts learned of microemulsions, optical properties of nanomaterials, nanopartical fusion, and fabrication of nanowire devices.

3rd International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation
Mumbai, India
December 1 - 5, 2009
Professor P. K. Basu, Vanderbilt University, USA
Professor Rames Talreja, Texas A & M University, USA
Professor Rakesh Kapania, VPI & SU, USA
Professor T. R. Chandrupatla, Rowan University, USA
Professor S. S. Rao, University of Miami, USA
Professor Albert Romkes, University of Kansas, USA
The purpose of the conference was to provide a forum for participants in the field of science, engineering and design to exchange ideas and advance the cause of computational mechanics. The themes for the event were geomechanics, computational solid mechanics, robotics, and material modelling.

E-India 2009
Hyderabad, India
August 25 - 27, 2009
Charles Clarke, Member of Parliament, former Education Member, former Education and Home Secretary, UK
Professor V. N. Rahashekhar, Vice Chancellor Indra Gandhi National Operation Office, India
The thematic tracks for the conference were eGov, digital learning, eHealth, telecommunication, and eAgriculture. Participants learned of new innovations in information technology that can empower citizens and professions in their daily activities.

National Engineering Conference 2009
Bangalore, India
March 19 - 21, 2009
Dr. Chidananda Gowda
Dr. C. S. Vishwanath, Director Torsteel India Foundation
M. S. Chidananda
The theme for the conference was "Information Technology Trends in Engineering Applications." The event was organized by the IEEE-DSCE student branch and the Center for Post Graduate Studies in Engineering. Participants learned of new research in engineering design applications for the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering.

International Conference on Services Computing
Bangalore, India
September 21 - 25, 2009
Sridhar Iyengar, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
J. Leon Zhao, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
C. D. Anant, Wiprop, India
Shankar Kalyana, IBM, India
Stephen S. Yau, Arizona State University, USA
The conference's theme was "Innovation in Globally Integrated Services." The major tracks for the conference were foundations of service computing, services computing practices, and, applications and business aspects of services computing.

2nd International Conference on Physics at Surfaces and Interfaces
Puri, India
February 23 - 27, 2009
J. Kirschner, Max Planck Institute fur Mikrostrukturphysic, Weinberg, Germany
S. Sinha, Department of Physics, University of California at San Diego, USA
The main topics covered were microscopy and synchroton radiation based methods to studying surface and interfaces. The event subtopics discussed included structural electronic and magnetic properties, multi-layers, semiconductors, heter-services, and energy technologies.

5th International Biotechnology Symposium (IBS)
Sidn, Pakistan
October 4 - 7, 2009
Dr. Sargur N. Srihari, Ph.D. Universita del Piemonte Orientale, Alessandre, Italy
Dr. Raghu Krishnapuram. Ph.D., Associate Director, Solutions Member, IBM Academy of Technology, IBM Research, India
A conference held to aid in the dissemination of current technical knowledge for a better understanding in areas such as bioengineering, bio information, and biophysical chemistry. Panellist and keynote speakers discussed future trends in bioscience that would be beneficial at a national level.

1st international Conference on wireless Information Networks and Business Information Systems (WINBIS 09)
Kathmandu, Nepal
February 27 - 28, 2009
Professor Dr. Hai Jin, Chief Scientist China Grid Project
Professor D. John P. Ulhoi, Center for Organizational renewal and Evolution
A premier conference designed to serve as a global forum for researcher, engineer, and users of broadband technology. Some of the topics covered at the event were broadband mobiles, wireless information networks, and wireless security.

Joint National Conference on Information Technology in Agriculture
Moratuw, Sri Lanka
July 16, 2009
The conference was held to create an awareness of IT developments in agriculture. Participants learned how to integrate IT with existing agricultural services. And, how to access new information, knowledge and technology then use IT as a way of sharing information with others.

16th International Conference in Neural Information Process
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1 - 5, 2009
Shun-ichi Amari
A conference aimed toward researchers interested in current trends in information processing. A few of the topics covered at the conference were pattern classification, information security, robotics, and bioinformatics and biomedical applications.

3rd Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Conference 2009
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December 16 - 17, 2009
Professor Tan Sri Datuk
Dr. Anwar Ali, President/Vice Chancellor, Open University Malaysia,
Y. Bhg Dato Badlisham Ghazali, CEO Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia
The conference attracted government ministers, mobile service providers, manufacturers, content providers, developers, NGOs, and researchers interested in the use of wireless devices. Participants learned of the positive soci-economic impact of digital education and edutainment in developing communities.

6th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 16 - 20, 2009
Leslie Lamport, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Sriram Rajamani, Microsoft Research India
Annabelle McIver, MacQuane University
Zuohua Ding, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
An event held to explore the theoretical aspects of computing with methods and tools in system development. Panellist discussed topics such as real time embedded and hybrid systems, model checking, software architecture, and case studies on verified systems.

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