2009 Computing & Technology Conferences Held in California

E-Tech Emerging Technology Conference
San Jose, CA
March 9 - 12, 2009
Christa Hockensmith, EMRTC/New Mexico
Joichi Fio, Creative Commons
Kati London, VP Area/Code
Chris Luebkeman, ARUP
Rebecca Mackinnon, Global Voice
Jane M. Gonigue, Social Chocolate
Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Sameer Padania, Witness
Alex Steffen, Executive Director, World Changing
Nathan Wolfe, Global Viral Forecasting Initiative, Director
A conference held to shed light on the new innovations in the technology field. Some of the topics they covered in the past include swarm intelligence, collective intelligence, and social software. This year participants learned of translating technology into real world ideas.

3rd International Conference on Weblog and Social Media
San Jose, CA
May 17 - 20, 2009
Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
Lillian Lee, Cornell University
Duncan Watts, Columbia University, USA and Yahoo Research
A conference designed to help industry leaders and researchers produce more effective social media. Discussions on pattern analysis, human computer interaction, computer linguistics, and trend analysis were presented by keynote and other speakers.

16th Annual Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN'09)
San Jose, CA
January 19, 2009
A conference held as part of the IS & T/SPIE International Symposium on Electronic Imaging. The conference's participants explored ideas on networking, applications measurements and modelling.

California is home to many of the world's most famous and foreward reaching technology firms as well as the largest number of tech start ups on the globe. Major technology hubs such as Silicon Valley offer a wealth of support, networking as well as often funding and incentives for new and aspiring companies in this space.

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2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE 2009)
Los Angeles, CA
March 31 - April 2, 2009
Bir Bhanu, Fellow of the IEEE, University California at Riverside, CA
Hamid Jafarkhani, Fellow of the IEEE, University of California at Irvine, CA
Gerard Medioni, Fellow of IEEE, AAAI, and IAPR, University of Southern California USC
A global forum to educate researchers and engineers on recent advances in computer sciences. Participants took part in symposiums in data mining, mobile computing, data engineering, and software engineering.

International Conference on Cloud Computing
Los Angeles, CA
July 6 - 10, 2009
Maria Azoa, VP Cloud Computing Enablement, IBM Enterprise Initiative
Ken Miyaki, Director Sony
Min-Chien Shan, PH.D., VP SAP Research
Paul Hofman, PH.D. , VP Research SAP Labs
Calton Pu, PH.D.
John P. Imlay, Jr. Chairman in Software Georgia Tech.
The theme for the Cloud 2009 conference was "Change We Can Lead." The goal of the conferences is to share resources between consumers, partners, and vendors to provide an international forum for research and implementation.

The Conference on California's Future
Sacramento, CA
May 11 - 14, 2009
Dr. Kevin Kealy, A T & T Labs
Teri Takai, Chief Information Officer State of California
James Johnson, Mayor City of Sacramento
Phil Noble, Politics Online
Mark Hurd, Chairman of the Board, CEO, And President of Hewlett Packard Company
Bill Rossi, Director Enterprise Marketing Google, Inc.
Quentine L. Kopp. Chairman California High Speed Rail Authority
A conference exhibiting new technologies through speeches, an expo floor, awards, and presentations. Speakers covered the topics of application modernization, telework, services models, and modernizing applications.

Conquering the Platform Revolution: Harnessing Disruptive Technology and Creating New Markets and Applications
Menlo Park, CA
October 14, 2009
Christy Wyatt, VP for Ecosystems and Market Development, Mobile Devices, Motorola
A conference to expand the knowledge and acceptance of cloud computing, networking, and the next generation infrastructures. Participants listened to panel discussions on the platform revolution, cloud computing, social networking, and monetization models.

CIDR 2009 4th Annual Conference on Innovative Data Systems
Pacific Groves, CA
January 4 - 7, 2009
Jeff Heer, Stanford University, CA
James Hamilton, Amazon
A conference to emphasize system architecture perspectives over mathematic methods. Topics covered data analysis, data cleaning architecture, and declarative systems.

WETEC 5th Wireless Community and Mobile User's Conference
Monterey, CA
March 19 - 20, 2009
A conference organized to discuss current issues in the broadband world. A series of panellist discussed web 2.0, tele-health networks, new technology trends, and the economic stimulus package.