2009 Technology Conferences Held in the Midwest USA

Lake Superior Technology Conference
Ashland College, Wisconsin
August 5-6, 2009
Dick Leinenkugel, Ed Munroe
Sponsored by the Wisconsin Technology Council and held at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, this conference addressed the role of technology in rural areas of the state and the importance of building a technology centerd economy, especially in those locations.

Greater Wisconsin Software Symposium
Milwaukie, Wisconsin
February 27-March 1, 2009
Venkat Subramaniam, Ken Sipe, Mark Richards, Neal Ford, David Hussman, et al.
This conference focused on the development of enterprise software aimed at keeping participants apprised of current trends in this rapidly expanding industry.

Conference on Information Technology
Detroit, Michigan
October 11-14, 2009
Judith V. Boettcher, Kevin MacRichie, Jonathon Richter and James Jacobs
This conference and exposition brought educational professionals together to learn about the latest in information technology and how to use these technologies to further their educational goals. The conference was sponsored by the League for Innovation.

Fourth International Conference on Digital Information Management
Ann Arbor, Michigan
November 1-4, 2009
Sethuraman Panchanathan and Amit Sheth
Held at the University of Michigan, this interdisciplinary conference covered a wide range of topics related to digital information management including data mining, web metrics and network security.

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Illinois Computing Educators Conference
St. Charles, Illinois
February 24-27, 2009
Dr. Yong Zhao, Jim Fruchterman, David Thornburg, Ph. D., Sasha Barab, Helene Blowers, et al.
This conference served both as a platform for discussing the use of technology in the Illinois public school system, but also as a showcase for school student delegates to present examples of their own uses of technology in the classroom.

INDATA Statewide Assistive Technology Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana
August 7, 2009
This free conference covered the roles of assistive technologies in education and finding and maintaining employment for citizens of Indiana with disabilities in addition to the ways that these technologies can be used to assist the elderly.

CIC IT Accessibility and Usability Working Group Annual Summer Conference
Bloomington, Indiana
June 15-16, 2009
Howard Rosenbaum
Held at Indiana University, this conference addressed the accessibility and usability of information technology in participating CIC institutions. Breakout sessions included discussions about web accessibility, library systems and purchasing policies, among other topics.

The North American Conference on Computing and Philosophy
Bloomington, Indiana
June 14-16, 2009
William Bechtel and Olaf Sporns
This interdisciplinary conference addressed the philosophical implications of the rise of technology and covered topics ranging from net neutrality to social networks. It was hosted by Indiana University.

Focus on Teaching and Technology: A Regional Conference
St. Louis, Missouri
October 15-16, 2009
Dr. Karen Swan
With a focus on using technology to teach effectively, this free conference for educators covered topics from creating a website to working with digital video in the classroom. It was hosted by the University of Missouri.

Teaching and Learning Technology Conference
Rolla, Missouri
April 9-10, 2009
Dr. Stephen Ehrmann and Dr. Bryan Carter
This conference offered education professionals the opportunity to view and learn about new technologies to enhance the classroom experience and boost student performance. It was hosted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Instructional Technology Conference
Kansas City, Missouri
May 13-14, 2009
Robert Keel and Clarence Maise
Aimed at assisting professors to adapt to changing educational technologies in the classroom, this conference covered a range of topics and issues related to technology in education. It was held at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

12th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems
St. Louis, Missouri
October 3-7, 2009
Dr. Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy and Scott Belcher
This conference addressed the expanding uses for technology in the transportation sector related to intelligent transportation systems. Topics covered included emergency management, safety and electronic payment.

4th Annual Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference
Madison, South Dakota
May 22-23, 2009
Dr. Hesham H. Ali and Kevin DeWald
This local conference provided a venue for pedagogues and academics to discuss research and ideas related to information technology. The conference was hosted by Dakota State University.

3rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems
Omaha, Nebraska
September 28-30, 2009
Mehran Abolhasan, Bahram Honary, Abbas Jamalipour, Rodney Kennedy, John McEachen, et al.
This conference served as a venue for researchers to present new findings in the field of signal processing technology, in addition to exploring practical applications for this technology ranging from improving the future internet to forensic applications.

Health Information Technology Conference
Wichita, Kansas
July 14-15, 2009
David K. Nace, MD
This conference allowed attendees to discuss the growing role of health information technology in managing and improving patient care. The discussion focused particularly on the usefulness of these technologies in rural areas.

Axio Learning Conference
Manhattan, Kansas
September 24-25, 2009
Dr. Mark Milliron
Hosted by Kansas State University, this conference explored the uses for Axio learning technology in online education.

Library Technology Conference
St. Paul, Minnesota
March 18-19, 2009
Eric Lease Morgan and Stacey Greenwell
This conference provided a forum for librarians and support staff to discuss the impact of new technologies on libraries and offered varied sessions in which participants could further learn about these technologies.

Emerging Technologies Conference
Ames, Iowa
April 2-3, 2009
Gregory D. Abowd and Christian Renaud
This conference drew researchers from various backgrounds to discuss the relationships between humans and technological interfaces and explore human/computer interactions. It was hosted by Iowa State University.

Central Iowa Software Symposium
Des Moines, Iowa
August 7-9, 2009
Brian Sletten, Ken Sipe, Nathaniel Schutta, Ted Neward, Matthew McCullough, et al.
Aimed at allowing developers and managers alike to stay current in a rapidly changing field, this conference offered a variety of talks and workshops about enterprise software development.